Our history


The story begins

It all began in 1896, in the workshop of the blacksmith Cesare Reviati, in Felino.

The idea that was developing in Parma in those years was to keep the taste of tomatoes alive over time.

The blacksmith's workshop worked immediately with these industrial pioneers, accompanying their growth, and in the early 20th century the small workshop, managed by his son Pierino Reviati, became a workshop for the repair and construction of machines for processing tomatoes.

spremitura del pomodoro
inscatolatrice pomodoro
inscatolatrice pomodoro
inscatolatrice pomodoro evoluzione
inscatolatrice pomodoro
Mescolamento del pomodoro


The first patent

The close collaboration with the tomato industry leads to the first important technical innovation: the "Reviati System Mixer". Pierino Reviati received the Certificate of Industrial Property No. 242130 for this machine in 1925 from the Ministry of the National Economy.

This new machine was used for the bain-marie mixing of tomato concentrate before packaging: the "Reviati System Mixer" is the first prototype of modern continuous pasteurisers.



The growth of the canning industry went hand in hand with that of tomato growing, and a new innovation met the needs of both production sectors: the "Seed Separator Shredder" obtained patent no.396048 from the Ministry of Corporations in 1942.

The new machine, during the tomato pressing phase, automatically separates the pulp from the seed so that it can be used again for sowing.

seed separator shredder
volantino pubblicitario industria conserviera

At the end of the 1940s, after having extended its presence on the market to the entire Italian peninsula, the company began exporting its machines to the Mediterranean.

Officina Pierino Reviati


Felino, April 1950

Pierino Reviati with his son Mario Cesare, his nephew Adriano Pellacini, his son-in-law Sergio Pellacini and some workers of the PIERINO REVIATI workshop


In 1951 the company took part in the sixth edition of the “Preserves and Packaging Trade Fair” in Parma.

Mostra conserve
1951 1a fiera alimentazione parma
1952 VII mostra imballaggi parma



In 1960 Sergio Pellacini, who took over from his father-in-law Pierino Reviati, filed the international patent for the machine called "Automatic Thermodosing Machine".

In 1961 the company was the first in the sector to build the"Quick Opening Autoclave" with ring fittings, used for steam sterilisation of tins of vegetable, animal and fish preserves.

These machines, of which hundreds were sold in Italy and abroad and are still in production, are used to pasteurise, steam sterilise and can any format of tins.

Termodosatrice automatica
Confezionamento asettico


High quality

The new company takes the name of “Officine Meccaniche Pellacini Sergio & Figli S.a.s.” is the first to build and patent the “Aseptic packaging system for food products in a sterile room with laminar flow” in Italy.

Cold packaging ensures a high quality product with unprecedented hygiene and shelf-life.


Cibus Tec – Parma
Three generations, the story continues…

Pellacini logos storici

"Innovating is a commitment we owe to our history"

Eng. Francesco Pellacini


We were born together with the processing industry and our numerous industrial patents, a tangible sign of continuous innovation, are the result of this close collaboration.

We face every new project today with the same spirit as always.

Francesco Pellacini e Pierino Reviati
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