Rotary roller defoliator

Simplify fruit and tomato washing and sorting operations

Our rotary roller defoliators are an integral part of the receiving and washing systems for fruit and tomatoes, with hydraulic feeding, separation of leaves, grass, stalks and small foreign bodies.


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Different models and sizes available depending on the production capacity required and the product to be processed


Fully integrated into our receiving, washing and sorting lines.

In the most advanced versions, it is controlled by a PLC with touch screen operator panel and is completely automatic.
The speed is coordinated with the upstream and downstream machines to ensure the correct feed rate for subsequent operations.
Variable and programmable speed.

Designed for durability and low maintenance


Our rotary roller defoliators are equipped with all the safety systems necessary to comply with the safety requirements required by European directives and comply with the CE marking

Rotary roller defoliators
Rotary roller defoliators

Rotary roller defoliator

Separation of leaves, grass, stalks and small foreign bodies

  • Made in AISI 304 stainless steel
  • Stainless steel rotary roller conveyor belt
  • Large shower washing device
  • Double collection apron to separate water from solid bodies
  • Water collection hopper with recycling pump
  • Variable speed motor
  • Different models and sizes.
Rotary roller defoliators
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