Autoclaves for sterilisation

Sterilisation of food packaged in airtight containers

Sterilisation of food in airtight containers




Autoclaves are pressure equipment used for the sterilisation of food packaged in airtight containers.


Containers treatable in autoclave

Horizontal or vertical, depending on the type of packaging and the production capacity required.

The operation phase of the autoclaves is always discontinuous, with batch loads commensurate with the useful volume of the appliance.


Controlled by a PLC, they are programmed to carry out the work cycle completely independently.
They are accompanied by process and safety sensors.
The operation is completely automatic and all the phases in the operating cycle are performed without the intervention of the operator.

A digital recorder stores the process parameters during each cycle to ensure that the sterilisation has been completed correctly, and to allow it to be reproduced later if required.

The operating cycle is highly customisable and adaptable to the type of product and container to be processed.
The programming is entered on the touch screen control panel.

The loading and unloading operations can be carried out manually or in combination with an automated basket handling system.


All autoclaves are equipped with the necessary safety systems on the steam circuit, are tested according to the requirements of the European PED Directive and are CE marked.

Sterilisation of food in airtight containers
Sterilisation of food in airtight containers


We build different types of horizontal autoclaves according to the type of use required. They are fully automatic, and prepared for different cycles of use suitable for each type of container: metal, glass, plastic, tray for ready meals, flexible bags.

Equipped with internal fan, circulating water pump, and related service equipment useful for complete automation.
The cycle type is selected from the operator panel menu.

  • Steam sterilisation and counter-pressure cooling
  • Sterilisation and cooling in counter-pressure water immersion, on request with recovery tank
  • Sterilisation and cooling with water spray in counter-pressure with rotation and oscillation of the baskets if required

The automatic basket loading and unloading system with one or two doors is available.

The products that can be processed in our 100% stainless steel horizontal autoclaves include:
Legumes, Tomatoes, Sauces and condiments, Meat, Fish, Petfood, Ready meals, and more

Sterilisation of food in airtight containers

cascade autoclaves

This type of autoclave is used in a continuous cycle for steam sterilisation of cylindrical tins containing

  • legumes
  • meat
  • Petfood

for high production capacities.

They are equipped with a door at the top for loading the containers and one at the bottom for unloading them.

The system does not include the use of baskets and the loading/unloading is completely automatic without the intervention of the operator.

Unloading takes place by immersion in a tray at the bottom, and the tins are evacuated by means of an immersed conveyor belt.

Normally they are installed in assemblies of several devices, aligned and supported by a robust load-bearing structure in hot-dip galvanised steel beams.

The entire cycle is managed by a PLC with touch screen operator panel.

High production capacities

Cascade vertical autoclaves
Cascade vertical autoclaves
Vertical cascade autoclaves with quick coupling


We build vertical autoclaves with stainless steel "Quick" ring coupling lids, of different sizes and diameters, to hold one or more cylindrical baskets that can be loaded, from above, by means of a rail hoist.

They can be fully automatic for the steam sterilisation of tins and counter-pressure cooling.

Reliability and easy use

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