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Pulp - Puree - Tomato dice - Production Plants

Automatic plants to automatically handle tomato juice production as a brine to add into the can or to storage into juice reservoirs at requested temperature with wide range of capacity from 2.000 to 20.000 liter/hour;

Automatic plants to mix, sterilize and cool in aseptic products composed of solid and liquid components, as like as tomato dice with juice, fruit dice with syrup to be filled into aseptic bag/drum or webbed bag: consisting of first phase to mix and dose the product components on weighing cells, pre-heating and product transfer finally to the thermal treatment by proper aseptic sterilizing and cooling plant;

Working capacity from 3.000 to 15.000 kg/hour of finished product

Stainless steel execution and full process automation by PLC and “touch-screen” operator panel with C.I.P Unit




Complete tomato dice and juice mixing plant with aseptic sterilising and cooling installation


Aseptic sterilising and cooling installations for dice fruit/tomato with juice



Battery of tomato juice pasteurising plants for peeled and dice tomato in can

                        tomato juice mixing with salt



Tomato juice storage into battery of collecting tanks

  C.I.P. Plant  Tomato juice preparation and mixing


  Battery of Tube-in-tube Pasteurizer and Cooler  Tomato juice storage tanks

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