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Jam and Marmelade Production Plants

Conceived to produce jam/marmalade with pieces or without pieces obtained from fruit cream/concentrate of a wide range of fruit, red fruit and citron fruit; cycle production consisting of components mixing-pre-heating, cooking and holding at requested temperature, ready for hot filling into can/jar.

Working capacity from 1.000 to 3.000 kg/hour of finished product.

Stainless steel execution and possibility of full process automation by PLC and “touch-screen” operator panel including the supply of dedicated C.I.P Unit


Single vacuum cooking pan with components mixing on weighing cells


The process happens by batch charge of about 500 kg./pan starting by dosing, mixing and pre-heating of jam/marmalade components into jacketed Vat of our particular design and assembled on weighing cell (fruit/citron juice, concentrates, pulp with pieces or without, frozen fruit pulp, sugar, pectin, … ); pre-heating has the scope to elude the thermal shock of mixed components entering then into cooking pans.

The product flow happens without use of pumps to avoid the risk of fruit pieces damaging and preserve better the product characteristic. Mixed and pre-heated components are sucked directly from the vacuum cooking pan and concentrate up to final concentration degree at about 65° C temperature.



  Twin-vacuum cooking pan with thermal holder

              Single-vacuum cooking pan, diameter 1.000 mm.with electric board

  Three-vacuum cooking pan with two-thermal holder

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