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Fruit Cream Production Plants

We’re producing a wide range of fruit processing line considering:

the continental fruit (apple, pear, peach, apricot, plum, cherry, ….), the variety of red fruit (strawberry, blackberry, bilberry, raspberry, …. ),to obtain semi-finished products as like as cream and concentrates for Food Industry, to produce nectar and juices, fruit confitures, yoghurt added with fruit, garnish for confectionery, …

Moreover, we’re producing complete processing line for most diffuse tropical fruits, as like as mango, guava, passion fruit, papaya and pineapple to obtain natural cream and cream concentrates. These kind of processing need specific process machines due to the particular form and constitution of tropical fruits including the careful cleaning of skin by special brushes, the elimination of allergic substances contained onto the skin, the working stations to cut the fruit and eliminate its seeds before crushing, the stone elimination and so on up to final extraction of refined cream and eventual cream concentration.

By integrated solutions we can also design and supply complete lines to process pineapple, citron fruits, grape-fruit and pomelo to obtain clarified juices with pulp content less than 2%.

Our know-how includes also the processing of some kind of vegetables, particularly concerning carrots, red turnip, pumpkin, marrow, peppers and olives having the scope to produce natural cream and cream concentrates, as well.

According to the project characteristics, we develop customised installations starting from minimum capacity of 2 ton/hour up to 20 ton/hour of fresh fruit/vegetable applying our long-experience know-how based on respect of product organic characteristic, strong construction and energy saving.

Stainless steel execution and full process control with possibility of automation by PLC and “touch-screen” operator panel

  Peach, apricot washing and sorting

Fruit roller sorting table, st. steel execution with waste conveyor


Fruit roller sorting table, st. steel execution with waste conveyor

  Red pepper feeding to the process

  Swan-neck type bucket elevator         Fruit de-stoning, stone de-pulping and fruit pulp crushing group


  Peach, apricot, plum de-stoner  Stone de-pulper
  Vertical crusher TV15 in fall with the De-stoner machine  Hammer mill for apple, carrot, guava and hard-pulp fruit

  Blanching installation for mango and guava

Rotating drum hot-water blanching installation for vegetable and fruits

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