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Confirming itself as a recognized leader in the planning and realization of installations for the production of "harissa" pepper sauce, the Pellacini Sergio & Figli has recently furnished a completely automatic plant for the workmanship of 9.000 kg / h of fresh pepper to a note Firm of the North Africa, specialized in such type of product, destined both to the individual consumption and to the industrial sale, as semiworked.

In the case in matter, in accord with the Client, has been studied a notable updating of the traditional technology of process, in degree to satisfy the normative more advanced in subject, and particularly those sent forth by the American organism of control FDA, allowing the Client to commercialize the same product on all the most important international markets in such way.

Strongly of the experience acquired in over fifty years in this kind of workmanships, to the point to be become a point of sure reference, on the international market, for all the Producers of "harissa", the Pellacini Sergio & Figli has so set up a new technology of process, whose salient points are constituted from:

1.   The pell-mell unloading of fresh pepper directly from trucks into waterless receiving tanks, i.e. without hydraulic transport, equipped of transfer belt with relevant system of advancement;

2.   A special section of separation of the stem and the inside core with the relative seeds, drawing so only the pulpy part of the pepper;

3.   The partial concentration of the puree, got by the refining machine with an automatic continuous evaporator, working to low temperature, in degree to exactly check the parameters of trial, avoiding excessive times of exposure to the heat, typical of the systems of traditional cooking;

4.   The automatic mixing of the pepper concentrate with the typical (pasta of garlic, spice and salt in dust) ingredients, managed by programmer with PLC;

5.   The following de-aeration of the product, so got, and the consequent aseptic sterilization managed by PLC so to automatically regulate the temperature depending from the mutable value of product pH, without adding chemical correctives, maintaining so the product conforming to its natural formulation;

6.   The management of the aseptic cooling according to the different kind of final packaging;

The line so furnished, installed and commissioned near the Client, has furnished a product deprived of seeds with natural red colour, creamy and appetizing to the taste, maintaining intact its fragrance of tastes, appreciated a great by the Client.

 From the initial pepper, of the characteristic red quality, having lengthened dimension of around 13-15 cm. for 3 cm. of diameter, have been got 4.000 kg / h of sauce of "harissa", ready to be sent to the filling lines. 

All the parts of trial in contact with the product have been realised in stainless steel AISI 316.

Besides the characteristic packaging in metallic can of 1/6, ½, 4/4 and in aluminium tubes of 70 and 140 gr., destined to the domestic consumption, has been furnished the filling plant into aseptic bag by 200 kg., put in metallic drums, both for "harissa" sauce that the simple pepper concentrate as semiworked product destined to industrial uses. In both cases the parameters of the aseptic Sterilizer, relative particularly to the cooling of the product, are planned in operation according to the type of used packaging: with exit of the product to 90-92 °C for tubes and metallic cans and to 30 °C for aseptic bag/drum.

The line develops the cycle of process in automatic and in continuous, in which the various phases are constantly checked: this allows to clearly get a spicy sauce with a degree of optimal and constant concentration and with superior qualitative standard to those gotten in the past with the traditional technologies.

Nowadays these systems of traditional workmanship, developed in semi-automatic and put again to the individual ability of the employed operator, are still broadly diffused; in such operational contexts, it is sure that the risks of contamination, the summary preparation of the pepper, as the system of crushing constitutes some potential risks of lowering of the final quality of the product with consequent possible losses and remarkable economic damages.

The new realization of line, projected and manufactured by the Pellacini Sergio & Figli, establishes therefore a new point of reference for this type of workmanship, favouring the demands of modernity and quality needed from the International Market at today.

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